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Dental emergencies can be stressful and anxiety-producing, which is why you want to be prepared when they happen. While you can’t necessarily plan for a dental emergency, you can be ready with the name of a good emergency dental office: Dental Renaissance. From their state-of-the-art clinic in Plano, Texas, Kari Blankenship, DDS provides exceptional emergency dentistry services. To learn more, call the office or book a visit with the online tool.

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is dental care for sudden, severe, or unexpected conditions. You might need emergency dentistry if you’ve suffered a blow to the face during sports or an auto accident, but you also might need it if you simply bite down awkwardly on a hard piece of food. 

Some people also need emergency dental care if they have a long-lasting situation that suddenly intensifies, like tooth decay or a cavity.

Dental Renaissance takes every measure to see you for your dental emergency as soon as possible, offering same-day emergency treatments in many cases. The team can also offer you through first-aid tips over the phone and provide guidance until you can make it into the office.

What should I do in a dental emergency?

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call Detail Renaissance and get to the office as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are some measures you can take to minimize your pain and improve the chances of fully restoring your oral health.


If you’re experiencing a toothache, use a piece of floss to remove debris that might be lodged in between your teeth. You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to alleviate discomfort. If there’s swelling, use an ice pack on your cheek in 15-minute intervals.

Chipped or broken tooth

If you’ve chipped or broken a tooth, you can use an over-the-counter pain medication and a cold compress to minimize any pain. If the chip or break has left your tooth jagged or sharp, put a piece of wax paraffin or sugar-free gum over it to avoid cutting your lips or cheek.

Knocked-out tooth

If you’ve knocked out a tooth, try to locate it and bring it with you to the office. Don’t touch the roots, and only handle it by the crown portion. Transport it in a glass of milk or salt water to keep the roots from drying out.

Lost filling or crown

If your restoration has become dislodged, you can reattach it with dental cement or a denture adhesive, either of which can usually be found at a local pharmacy. This is only a temporary solution, and you’ll need to visit the office so that your dentist can permanently reseal it.

How do you treat dental emergencies?

Your emergency treatment is dependent on the nature and severity of your dental condition. If you’ve knocked out a tooth, for example, your dentist will try to reinsert it into your empty socket. If you have a severe infection, your dentist might suggest an emergency root canal.

Whatever your needs, the Dental Renaissance team can help. Schedule a consultation today by calling the office or booking online, and learn more about what emergency dentistry can do for you.