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Fill in the Gap to Complete Your Smile

If you are missing just one tooth, you might not have even considered replacing it. After all, you can still chew food. If the gap is in the back of your mouth, you may not even have any aesthetic concerns. But did you know that a single missing tooth can have serious consequences for your oral health? The teeth around the gap may begin to drift out of place, leading to misalignment and bite problems. Your jawbone may also begin to deteriorate. Before such problems afflict you, you should explore your options for single tooth replacement in Plano.


Why Choose Dental Renaissance for Single Tooth Replacement?

  • Porcelain Materials Utilized to Create a Natural Appearance
  • Custom-Made for Every Patient
  • Advanced Technology Leads to Faster & More Comfortable Care


Single Tooth Replacement Options

There are basically two ways to replace a single missing tooth.

A fixed bridge is a custom-made prosthesis. It has two crowns that are placed over the teeth on either side of the empty space. The artificial tooth is supported by the crowns. This treatment option is popular because it is relatively quick and affordable. It can also offer a natural appearance and a strong bite. It even serves to keep the remaining teeth in their proper places.

A single tooth implant is a small post made of titanium that our team surgically places beneath the gum line using a minimally invasive procedure. It serves to replace the root of the missing tooth. The soft tissue and bone at the surgical site heal fairly quickly. During this recovery period, the bone actually fuses to the implant and creates the strongest base possible for the new tooth. A custom-made dental crown is placed on top of the implant to finish restoring your smile.


The Benefits of Implant-Supported Single-Tooth Replacement

We often recommend dental implants as the best way to replace a missing tooth due to the many advantages they offer.

With a traditional fixed bridge, we have to significantly modify the structure of the nearby teeth in order to support the bridge. An implant helps us to preserve as much of your healthy dental structure as possible. Since an implant bonds with the bone around it, it can prevent the jaw from losing mass and density. An implant also has the potential to last for life if properly cared for. A fixed bridge lasts for about 10 years on average. An implant-supported crown looks and functions just like a natural tooth. Once it is in place, you’ll be able to brush and floss the area according to your normal routine.


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Dr. Blankenship has undergone extensive training and is very experienced with dental implants. She is currently pursuing her Fellowship accreditation with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. If you would like to learn how she and the rest of our team can help you fill in the gap in your smile, contact Kari Blankenship, DDS today.

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