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Let Your Anxiety Melt Away

Do you find it impossible to relax at the dentist's office? Anxiety keeps an estimated 40 million Americans from going to the dentist. Dr. Blankenship and Dr. Patel want you to feel calm and secure during your visits, so our team has created a soothing, inviting atmosphere for our patients. Before beginning a treatment, your dentist will explain the procedure and answer all your questions in detail. We also offer a range of options for sedation dentistry in Plano, TX.

Why Choose Dental Renaissance for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Multiple Sedation Options Depending on Your Needs
  • Easy and Effective for Patients of All Ages
  • IV Sedation Provided On-Site


How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Sedation dentistry allows you to rest comfortably while receiving the care you need and want. If fear of the dentist keeps you from necessary dental work, ask us about sedation dentistry to ease you through any procedure. With nitrous oxide, patients inhale a gas that produces a warm, peaceful feeling during treatment. The effects of nitrous oxide only last as long as you are receiving the gas. Oral conscious sedation combines nitrous oxide with a common anti-anxiety medication to produce a state of extreme relaxation.


Oral Conscious Dental Sedation

Oral conscious sedation makes use of medication that is taken orally before your appointment. Once consumed, your body will begin to fall into a deep state of relaxation. Because of this, you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the dental office to ensure your safety. We also ask that you wait at least 12 hours before resuming normal daily activities. This way, the sedative will have time to wear off effectively.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

One of the more common forms of sedation available, nitrous oxide is an effective solution for those coping with anxiety or fear before their dental visit. The sedative is a combination of both nitrous and oxygen and provides a calming effect for patients while administered. Simply wear the nasal mask during your treatment and breathe normally. After a few minutes, you’ll be deeply relaxed and ready to receive care. After completion, you’ll be able to continue your day without worry.


IV Dental Sedation

IV sedation is a much stronger form of conscious sedation that is usually recommended to patients who struggle with severe anxiety surrounding dental work. It can also help those who have a sensitive gag reflex or neuromuscular issues. Dr. Blankenship can safely provide IV sedation throughout most dental procedures. While IV sedation does not automatically render patients unconscious, it does help them attain a very deep level of relaxation. In fact, many do not even remember much about their experience upon recovery. For certain situations, Dr. Blankenship will partner with a board-certified anesthesiologist who will administer your anesthesia right here at Dental Renaissance.


General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is available for patients who are undergoing complicated procedures and/or who struggle with severe anxiety and would like to be rendered unconscious throughout the treatment process. Dr. Blankenship partners with a licensed anesthesiologist who administers the anesthesia and carefully monitors your vital signs to ensure a safe, comfortable experience. Our team can review more details about this service with you during an initial consultation.

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