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Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Plano, TX


Stop Problematic Teeth in Their Tracks

The wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) are typically the very last teeth to emerge. They usually arrive when a patient is between the ages of 16-21. However, there is often a lack of space for these teeth, which can lead to potentially serious problems like impaction and a higher risk of infection. Our dentists will be sure to keep an eye on them with the help of digital X-rays, and if we determine that complications are likely, we may recommend wisdom tooth extractions in Plano, TX as a protective measure for both someone’s oral health and overall wellbeing.

Why Choose Dental Renaissance for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • Precise and Comfortable Laser Dentistry
  • Advanced Technology for Better Treatment Planning
  • Kind and Caring Dentists and Team Members


When Does a Wisdom Tooth Require an Extraction?

Our dentists do everything they can to help our patients keep their natural teeth. However, some teeth can either be too damaged or too prone to causing issues for other areas of the mouth. This is often the case with the wisdom teeth. To prevent them from causing pain or infections, our team can often perform a safe and comfortable extraction right in our Plano dental office.

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