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Gum Recontouring – Plano, TX


Transforming Smiles by Removing Excess Tissue

Are you happy with your smile? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and feel pleased with the way your teeth and gums look? For some people, teeth discoloration or imperfections can lead to low self-esteem, but for others, teeth may not be the problem at all. In fact, have excess gum tissue surrounding your pearly whites can be just as difficult to live with as cracked, chipped, or stained teeth. At Dental Renaissance, Dr. Blankenship and Dr. Patel want you to feel good about the way you look, which is why they are pleased to offer gum recontouring and crown lengthening. By removing the extra tissue, you can begin to see a more aesthetically pleasing smile. To learn more about this unique procedure, contact us to schedule an appointment today!


What is Gum Recontouring?

Gum recontouring is the process of removing unwanted tissue to create a smile that appears less “gummy” and more even and uniform. This common cosmetic procedure works to provide patients with beautiful, flawless smiles.


Should I Consider Gum Recontouring?

While gum recontouring may not be for everyone, there is a good possibility you might be eligible for this type of procedure if you have any of the following:

  • Protruding gums (“gummy” smile)
  • “Short” teeth
  • The need for a dental crown but require additional tooth structure for successful placement
  • Uneven gum line

It is important that you have good oral and overall health before moving forward with any type of cosmetic procedure. After an initial consultation with one of our dentists, they will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for gum recontouring.


What is the Gum Recontouring Process?

You will be pleased to learn that gum recontouring is quick and easy to perform. Our dentists will begin by determining exactly how your gums should appear. Once they are pleased with the look they plan to achieve, a soft tissue laser will be used to remove excess tissue and reshape your gum line. The focused beam of light works to cauterizes the tissue as it moves along, allowing there to be minimal bleeding during the procedure.

There is no need for a scalpel or sutures when using a soft tissue laser. This makes the process seamless for our dentists and reduces the time you spend recovering after your procedure.


Is Crown Lengthening the Same as Gum Recontouring?

In essence, yes, the two are very much the same. However, there is one small difference – the reason behind the procedure. Should you require a dental restoration to be put into place but need additional tooth structure before it can be accomplished, crown lengthening will occur, as this will expose more tooth area for the crown to properly fit.

If you are looking to do something about your gummy smile or create an even gum line, gum recontouring will be the treatment of choice.

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