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Multiple Tooth Replacement – Plano, TX


Treatments to Restore Your Lost Smile

If you are missing multiple teeth, you probably face a number of daily struggles. For example, eating a balanced diet may be a challenge. You might also hesitate to smile in social situations. You’re likely at risk for long-term dental health problems such as further tooth loss and jawbone deterioration as well. Filling in those empty spaces in your mouth with multiple tooth replacement in Plano, TX can restore your confidence as well as help you enjoy better oral and overall health.


Why Choose Dental Renaissance for Multiple Tooth Replacement?

  • Caring Dentists Experienced in Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Implant-Supported Options Available
  • Advanced Technology Used for Better Treatment Planning


Your Tooth Replacement Options

There are three treatments that can replace your missing teeth and prevent future dental issues:

Crown & Bridge

Crown and bridgework (often simply called a fixed bridge) is a dental prosthesis that “bridges” the gap between your remaining natural teeth. It consists of two crowns fitted over the abutment teeth that are on either side of empty space. A fixed bridge is a sturdy and natural-looking solution for individuals who have suffered relatively minor tooth loss and whose missing teeth are next to one another.

Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant supported bridge is similar to a traditional fixed bridge, but there is one major difference. Rather than relying on your natural teeth for support, an implant-supported bridge gets all of its stability from small titanium posts that our team surgically places beneath the gum line. This type of bridge can replace two or more teeth in a row. It’s best for individuals who have lost several consecutive teeth and want an extremely reliable way to fill in the space.

Partial Dentures

A traditional partial denture fits into your mouth like a puzzle piece in order to replace multiple missing teeth throughout an arch. It is a removable prosthesis that is secured via clips or other attachments. An implant-supported partial denture is a partial denture that utilizes implant as additional anchorage to the natural teeth. These can be great options for many patients who are missing several teeth but not ready for a set of complete dentures.


Which Multi-Teeth Replacement Option Is Right for Me?

We often recommend implant-supported tooth replacement for patients who are candidates for it. Implants help preserve the jawbone and tend to last much longer than their non-implant counterparts. If all of your missing teeth are adjacent to one another, an implant-supported bridge may be best for you. If your tooth loss has occurred at various places throughout your mouth, and your natural teeth are healthy enough that they do not need to be extracted, an implant-supported partial denture could be your ideal treatment option.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace Multiple Teeth?

Implant-supported tooth replacements tend to cost more than traditional treatment methods. The more dental implants that are needed to support your new teeth, the higher the final price of your procedure will be. You can expect the overall cost to amount to at least a few thousand dollars. Dental insurance and financing may help you afford your treatment. Although implants may seem expensive, their superior longevity and the oral health benefits they offer make them a wise investment.

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