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Do You Accept My Dental Insurance Plan?

There are different types of dental insurance plans, and you need to be aware of the type of coverage you have. We are often asked, “Do you take my insurance plan?” The answer is yes, absolutely, but the amount of reimbursement may depend on the type of coverage you have. They are sometimes called a traditional plan, an indemnity plan, or a managed care plan. Also available are direct reimbursement or discount plans.


Traditional or Indemnity Plans

With a traditional or indemnity plan, patients may select any dentist of their choosing and payments are made on a fee for service basis. This means that some procedures may be covered completely while others may be covered at a percentage level. The patient will pay the estimated portion that is not covered by the insurance plan at the time services are rendered..


DMO & PPO Planst

The most common managed care plans are DMO and PPO. A DMO plan tends to be a more affordable dental insurance plan as far as premiums go but there is no reimbursement for out of network dentists. The dentist is typically paid a fixed monthly amount regardless of whether the patient has any treatment rendered. Dr. Blankenship nor Dr. Patel participate in any DMO managed care plans, direct reimbursement plans, or discounted dental plans.

For PPO plans, the dentist signs a contract with the insurance company meaning that the dentist is a network provider. The patient may choose from the list of network providers allowing the patient to receive the maximum benefits. The patient is also eligible to see an out of network dentist. Benefits for PPO plans are sometimes less if the patient chooses to go out of network. Dr. Blankenship chooses to not to participate in any PPO plans and gladly treat patients out of network. This allows her to hire and retain some of the best dental personnel in the DFW area, attend continuing education courses that elevate our patient care, incorporate new dental equipment and technology, and use the highest quality dental materials available.


Dr. Patel participates in the following PPO plans:

  • Delta Dental Premier
  • CIGNA Dental Radius Network
  • Blue Care Preferred Choice PPO


Contact Us to Learn More About Your Benefits

For all other PPO plans, Dr. Blankenship and Dr. Patel are considered out of network but will assist you in filing your claims and help you obtain the maximum benefits available. Please call us at 972-954-2643 if you have any questions about your insurance or how we can help you maximize your benefits..

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