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How Technology Improves Dental Experience

Quality dentistry is not only determined by the experience of the dentists or the variety of services they provide. It’s also exemplified by the technology utilized in the dental office. This can make a big difference in your overall patient experience. At Dental Renaissance, we do everything we can to incorporate technology that we believe will make your dental care more efficient and comfortable. To learn about our technology firsthand, we encourage you to call our dental office and schedule an appointment.


TMJ/TMD Therapy

Dentists don’t only focus on the teeth and gums when they perform examinations. They also take note of the nearby oral structures, including the joints connecting your jaw to your skull. These are known as temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and are responsible for all the complex movements your jaw makes. If disproportionate amounts of force are applied to them, this can cause chronic pain in your jaw and throughout your head and neck. Our dental office can create custom-made oral appliances that address and provide relief from these symptoms.

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Intraoral Cameras

Do you wish you could see precisely what your dentist sees during your routine exam? Now you can with the help of an intraoral camera. This handheld device houses a small camera in the tip that allows for easy maneuvering inside your mouth. During your exam, we can take high-resolution photos and display them on a nearby monitor. If you’ve ever been told that you need a dental filling but aren’t sure why, then a detailed image of your damaged tooth is sure to provide the perfect explanation.


Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are an essential part of any preventive care. We use them every day to search for and confirm the presence of oral infection or cavities. Our dental office has been pushing towards an all-digital approach to dentistry to increase the speed and precision of our care. Not only are digital X-rays much more efficient than traditional film ones, but they emit about 80% less radiation as well.


Digital Impression System

Capturing impressions of your smile used to be a difficult process. Most patients would find the putty impression material to be uncomfortable to bite into. As an alternative, we have a digital system that makes it easier to create impressions for restorations like crowns and bridges as well as clear aligners for Invisalign. In a matter of minutes, we can capture and display a 3D model of your oral structures.


CBCT/Cone Beam Scanner

In some cases, a digital X-ray is not enough to properly plan for a specific treatment. This is often true for more complicated procedures like dental implant placement. Our dental office’s cone beam scanner takes diagnostics to the next level by using a panoramic scanner to capture detailed, 3D X-ray images. Thanks to the advanced precision of this device, we can fully evaluate the anatomy and locate important structures in order to provide the safest and most predictable implant placement.


Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

There are many basic treatments in dentistry that call for the use of metal dental tools. While these have been effective for many years, they are no longer the only way to perform basic procedures such as gum contouring and periodontal therapy. With our soft tissue laser, we can complete common treatments in a more efficient and less invasive fashion. With lasers, you can expect less pain, faster healing and less time spent in aftercare.

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