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Visit Your Children’s Dentist in Plano for Back-to-School!

The countdown to school is on — and your child is either eagerly awaiting the first day back or doing their best to prolong the summer fun. Whichever camp they fall into, no child or parent can avoid back to school season. And, as you check shopping, haircuts, and school supplies off the list, don’t forget about a trip to your children’s dentist in Plano! Taking the time to bring your favorite smile in for a checkup and cleaning can help make sure that your little one starts the school year off right.

Healthy Smiles for a Fresh Start

Your child’s teeth and gums probably encountered a lot during June, July, and August — like big helpings of ice cream, popsicles, and other sweet treats. And, these summertime specialties often come with later bedtimes and a break from the routine that may have resulted in faltering oral hygiene habits as well. Children’s smiles are always a little more at risk of getting cavities during the summer, so scheduling an appointment this month can help ensure that they start the new school year off with a clean, healthy smile.

Prevention Is Key

If your little one did develop a weak spot on their tooth enamel during the summer, early detection can help prevent it from becoming a full-blown cavity later on. When it is caught in time, your dentist can apply a topical fluoride treatment to remineralize and strengthen the area. This can keep tooth decay from forming altogether. And, removing the plaque and tartar that have had the chance to build up on the teeth and around the gums during a cleaning will help to keep those teeth healthy going into the new school year. Your child may not realize it, but having a clean smile can boost their confidence to help them achieve everything they set out to!

Tips for a Smooth Transition

As you gear up for the new school year, do some planning to account for your child’s oral hygiene as well. Getting back into the groove of things will help to keep their habits regular for clean and healthy teeth. Take heed of these tips for a smooth transition back to school:

Combine these tips with a trip to the dentist in Plano and your child will be smiling full force by the time they’re walking into their brand new classroom. And that’s something you can feel great about!

Meet the Practice

Dental Renaissance is a trusted provider of comprehensive family dentistry services for friends and neighbors in Plano, TX. Children love their fun, friendly approach to dental care. For more back to school tips or to schedule an appointment for excellent dentistry, you are invited to contact the office at 972-954-2643.

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