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Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before the Year Is Over

Time is quickly running out for you to use your dental insurance benefits. With only a few months left in 2019, your insurance company is eagerly counting down the hours until they can recoup everything you’ve left behind. This happens to millions of people each year with more than $150 billion in unused benefits falling to the wayside. Don’t let this happen to you! Find out what you can do to avoid adding to this mounting total and achieve better oral health in the process.

Use the Benefits You Pay for Or Lose Them

Each month, you pay a premium for access to your dental health plan. This money goes directly to your insurance company, but do you know what else does? Unused benefits. That’s right! Anything you don’t use at the end of each calendar year goes back to the insurance company because when it comes to dental benefits, they don’t roll over.

To keep your insurance company from taking more of your money, here’s what you need to do before midnight on December 31 arrives.

Preventive Care is Your Friend

Believe it or not, seeing your dentist twice a year is a good thing. Here’s why:

Getting not just one but two cleanings each year is not only beneficial to your mouth but your wallet, too.

Don’t Dismiss Your Deductible

Need a root canal or tooth extracted? When you discover that you’ve met your deductible, your insurance company agrees to take on more of the payment for services you receive. That’s why you will find that depending on your insurer, they will pay in the area of 70-80% for minor treatments and 50-70% for major ones. It’s important that you schedule these services before the end of the year, otherwise, you’ll be paying out of pocket in 2020 because you’ll be responsible for meeting your deductible again.

By enrolling in a dental insurance plan, you’re making a worthwhile investment but only if you make sure that you use its benefits to your advantage. Don’t let the insurance company take more than what they already receive. Talk to your dentist about ways to maximize your plan before the year is up.

About the Author

Are you worried you’ll lose out on valuable dental benefits before January 1? Let Dr. Christopher Pollard and his team of experts help you navigate your insurance policy to help you use it to your advantage. Too much money is wasted each year with people forgoing the use of their plan, so if you want to avoid being one of those inpiduals and instead, work to maintain better oral health while keeping more money in your pocket, let our team help you achieve this goal. Just contact us via our website or by calling (972) 954-2643 to learn more.

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