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Back to School Teeth Cleanings from Your Plano Children’s Dentist

Are you still trying to check all the back to school preparation tasks off your list? You’re not alone. We hate to add one more thing to what must already be a long list, but we encourage you to make family dental checkups part of this back to school season. Bring your kids to Dental Renaissance. Your Plano children’s dentist and team will offer preventive dental examination, teeth cleaning, and general care to keep your little ones smiling. Contact our team to find out more schedule an appointment.

Visit us to Stop Cavities

Every patient needs to visit the dentist two times a year – no matter their age. That includes kids. Children’s dentistry, like caring for adults’ smiles, is focused on prevention. That’s why we encourage parents to bring their kids to our office twice a year for preventive checkups and teeth cleanings. Many parents schedule a visit to our office before kids go back to school for the fall, so children don’t have to miss any unnecessary days out of class. June is often the ideal month to visit our team. This means your child’s next dental checkup will be in December, and kids most often have winter holidays at this time.

Research has shown that of the average six school days missed by elementary students, 2.1 of these days were due to oral health issues like cavities. Start your child’s school year off right with a trip to our office. During these dental checkup appointments, we’ll examine your child’s smile, clean their teeth, and help them learn more about caring for their smiles at home.

Pack the Right Lunch

Packing a lunch that meets the needs of your child’s oral and whole body health doesn’t have to be a struggle. Instead, cut out a sugary snacks and replace them with some healthier options. One of the easiest ways to prevent oral health issues and improve whole body health is to cut sugary, acidic sodas out completely. Replace these drinks with water or low fat milk for best results. If your child doesn’t like water or milk, consider diluting 100% juice with no sugar added. Use 2/3 water and 1/3 juice to deliver a drink option that will taste good without being too sugary. Snacks like cheese and nuts are both good for your child’s teeth and nutritionally beneficial. The most important thing to keep in mind is moderation. Balance out your little one’s daily meals with a variety of nutritional foods to ensure they stay healthy.

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