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Afraid of Dental Work? Your Sedation Dentist in Plano Has the Answer!

Does the thought of visiting the dentist for any form of care cause fear or discomfort for you? If so, then you’re not alone, as over 40 million other Americans suffer from either phobia or anxiety. That translates into a lot of people who are missing out on the benefits of preventive care. As you read on, you’ll learn how you can enjoy a calm and peaceful experience with help from your sedation dentist in Plano.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

This form of dentistry was developed to help patients with acute fears overcome them, so they can receive the oral care they need. Before any medication is delivered to help you calm down, the first step that your local dentist has taken is to create an atmosphere that is conducive to having a pleasant dental care experience.

Your trained professional offers the following forms of sedation dentistry:

Before starting any procedure, you’ll consult with your dentist to determine your level of anxiety and what type of treatment you’ll need.

Why Preventive Care Visits are Important

It’s important to not let your fears or anxieties about having dental work done stifle you. That’s because your preventive care appointments with your local expert serve as a major defense against the host of oral problems that can be caused by unchecked bacteria growth.

Through one of the forms of sedation dentistry listed above, you’ll be able to experience the full benefits that your dentist has to offer. So reach out today to schedule your first appointment and get on the road to excellent oral health!

About the Author

For three decades, Dr. Christopher Pollard has been delivering the best in dental care to his patients. A graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry, he has remained steadfast in his efforts to continue improving by taking hundreds of hours of continuing education. Dr. Pollard helps patients overcome their fears at Dental Renaissance Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and can be reached for more information through his website.

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