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Abscessed Tooth – FAQs From Your Emergency Dentist In Plano

Last week, you broke a tooth on some of the authentic street tacos that DFW is known for. You did your best to take care of it, but as time passed your mouth started to hurt – a lot. This morning, your breath smelled much more potent than normal “morning breath,” and the glands in your neck are swollen, and so is the side of your face. You know this can’t wait any longer, so you contact the premier emergency dentist in Plano, Dental Renaissance. Dr. Christopher Pollard and Dr. Bhavita Patel were able to treat you right away, and helped to cure the abscessed tooth you were dealing with. In this post, they explain all about this condition, and teach you why this is a dental emergency in Plano that shouldn’t be ignored.

What Is An Abscessed Tooth?

An abscessed tooth is an infection that is located at the tooth root (periapical abscess) or in between the gum and teeth (periodontal abscess). Usually, this type of infection is caused by:

What Are The Symptoms Of An Abscessed Tooth?

The symptoms of this condition may vary from patient to patient, but include:

If the abscess ruptures, you may notice a sudden burst of foul-smelling or putrid-tasting salty fluid in your mouth, followed by relief of the constant pain you were previously in.

Is An Abscessed Tooth A Dental Emergency?

Yes! If you’re exhibiting any of these signs, reach out to us right away at (972) 954-2472. Even if your symptoms are mild, oral infections can quickly become deadly, so don’t delay treatment. We can assist with the following treatment options to save your smile and preserve your overall well-being:

So, now that you know that an abscessed tooth is a dental emergency that should be treated quickly, schedule your appointment with Dental Renaissance to keep your smile healthy with regular dental care and to prevent abscesses from happening in the first place.

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